The group Portos e Cidades Portuárias is instituted in October 2013 from the iniciative of Instituto de História Contemporânea from Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas of Universidade Nova de Lisboa

Intending to be a space for reflexion and debate subordinated to port themes from Geography and History standpoint but assuming an interdisciplinary perspective with the contribution from different areas of knowledge

This group aims to be a contribution in the perspective of current studies about ports and in a strict dialogue with areas such as Archives, Oceanography, port structure, Patrimony, Technology and Communication, Fisheries, Sport and other disciplinary contributes that converge in its objectives such as those associated with Sociology, Anthropology, Economics, Management and ecology conferring it an effectively interdisciplinary dimension.

This group searches for an approach in the line of studies that now begin to be undertaken in regards to the way of thinking ports in an integrated way, in the reality in which they are inserted. Three main vectors are observed, their physical, functional and social integration in which the figure of the Port city becomes a dominant and rich field of analysis, that requires and justifies a multilateral approach and framework.

The group Ports and Port Cities aims to stimulate relations between the University and society, as well as involving non-university institutions, pursuing the purpose of  promotion and dissemination of knowledge and port culture putting it to the public and contributing to the questioning and active reflection, fostering social responsibility.

The group aims to, among other actions to achieve its objectives, (i) create a digital platform, including the presentation of network members, the availability of content on the thematic scope that is dedicated to, and the promotion and dissemination of the undertaken activities (ii) to hold a meeting dedicated to the presentation and sharing of studies completed and ongoing.


Outubro 6th of 2013